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Tessiture n°1

The Tessiture n°1 Model is the brand's first loudspeakers. They embody the entire philosophy of the Manufacture. Model N°1 is a 3-way 4 ohms loudspeaker. It is equipped with a tweeter and a Davis medium. Scan-Speak components are used for the bass. The filtering cuts at 250Hz for the bass and 6000Hz for the treble. These frequency cuts allow to place the loudspeaker crossovers where the ear is less sensitive. The versatility of the medium makes it possible to keep the other loudspeakers to their strict use of bass and treble, without losing dynamism. The materials used are concrete and various types of wood. The single horn can broadcast commonly, and with simultaneous impedance adaptation, the different voices.


Made of concrete and wood, each product is handcrafted like musical instruments. Tessiture’s approach towards its creations is at the intersection of the world of musical instruments, architecture and the ambition to render the best musical outcome.


With foot:
Width: 40cm
Height: 120cm
Depth: 45cm
Foot weight: 33.7 kg Speaker Weight: 60.1kg


Admissible power: 340W

Efficiency 93.5dBA, : 2v/1m

Impedance: 4 Ohms
Bandwidth (+/- 3dbC): 30Hz- 23kHz


48mm Kevlar cone tweeter (Davis Acoustics)
17cm Kevlar midrange driver (Davis Acoustics)

17cm Cellulose bass speaker (ScanSpeak)
Bi-wiring and Bass Reflex


Original Black, Ash and White-tinted Concrete finish

Different finishing touches and colors are possible. For more information (price, configurations, etc ...), please contact us directly by email.

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